How does evaporative air conditioning work?

Ever wondered why you feel cooler by the ocean or a river? You feel cooler because as hot air blows across the water, it causes some of the water to evaporate and absorb the heat.

An evaporative air conditioner works the same way.

Hot air enters the cooling unit on your roof where it is filtered and cooled as it passes through specially designed moistened pads.

The fan then blows the naturally cooled air throughout your home.

Hot air in the house is forced out through open windows and doors providing your entire home with a complete change of air every two minutes.

The benefits of evaporative air conditioning

With energy prices escalating and our summers getting hotter, evaporative air conditioning has a significant edge on refrigerative systems when it comes to energy efficiency and lifestyle.

  • Leave windows and doors open so air is fresher and healthier
  • Evaporative air won’t dry your skin, nose and eyes
  • Save energy, save money, save the environment
  • Get a good night’s sleep with whisper-quiet cooling