DDK2 Advantages


A convenient brass maintenance tap is provided within the drip tray catchment for easy access, flushing and cleaning. Importantly, water can now be safely drained away instead of running down the roof sheets; eliminating slipping hazards. What’s more there is no need to run a garden hose from the ground to the roof, removing potential tripping hazards.


A MicroTuff ™ polyethylene external drip tray catches all leaking water from the evaporative system. It is easy to clean and remove calcium build-up and reduces the need to replace roofing iron, gutters and flashings due to rust and water damage.

Ultra sturdy, the polyethylene combines excellent strength with a high ESCR (Environmental Strength Cracking Rating) and chemical resistance. It is UV stabilised for long term outdoor use, does not corrode and presents an attractive finish that can be colour matched to suit the evaporative cooling system or roofing materials. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures and weather events.

The clever design also minimises the amount of excess water that can collect during heavy rain or if the drainage line becomes blocked. This means the overall system cannot be over loaded with any additional weight making it a safer rooftop installation.


Dropper Solutions’ new Universal Flashing Kit saves time and money. The kit is designed to suit most roof profiles and is available in any Colour Bond colour, eliminating the need to build custom made flashings. Further more, rubber-backed sections have been incorporated into the flashings to remove the galvanic and corrosive effects caused by two dissimilar metals touching (for example a galvanised flashing touching stainless steel dropper ducting).


Most standard spigots used are made from galvanised steel. Dropper Solutions have created a universal product that will suit flexiduct from 300–500mm diameter. With a simple cut from a knife the Universal Spigot can be adjusted to suit the required size. The spigots can then be pushed and clicked into the dropper duct pre-cut holes and fixed in place using push-in plastic rivets. Large zip ties are provided making the fitting of flexi ducting quick and easy.


A separate internal MicroTuff ™ polyethylene emergency ‘catch tray’ with a built-in air diversion system has been developed to catch and drain water away from the internal roof space, reducing the need to repair wet ceilings and replace roof insulation.

The Dropper Solutions Air Diverter system also ensures the best possible air flow and removes the cavitation problem that often occurs in the bottom of traditional style square ducting. The Dropper Solutions Air Diverter system provides quieter operation with additional air flow to each room. Installers will have little need to balance the air flow from the dropper outlet ports.